Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Over the last few months since I last posted I have put up the lights in the living room and kitchen. Today I have been filling the plasterboard joints in the kitchen and it is nearly finished.
I changed the shelf at the top of the stairs too because it looked all wrong, sometimes it's difficult to know when you have to make all the decisions on your own without anyone else's in-put, it looks much better now though.
I also put a lintel above the window in the ruin and built the wall up above it as I was concerned that it would deteriorate and fall in on the kitchen roof. The view of the chateaux from that window is spectacular. Hopefully over the course of the summer I will bring all the ruin walls down to the same level and make them all secure and safe.

 The wheelbarrow full of shoes from the ruin, the previous resident was obviously either a cobbler or a mass murderer!



  1. Just found your blog recently and thoroughly enjoyed reading through it. You are obviously skilled in various building trades - whether by training, experience or natural talent!. Given that you are doing the project 'on a budget' and as funds allow, I assume you have kept a good record of your expenditure. I was wondering if, at some point, you intend to give an idea how much the project is/has cost you?
    ATB, Michael.

  2. Hi Michael,
    I have used a great deal of reclaimed material donated by friends or even from the local tip. "le bon coin" is a great source for all things here in France if you look for long enough, the tiles for my kitchen roof for example were 350 euro's, a saving of well over 1500 if bought new. I don't want to post here my expendeture to date but if you email me at gren@grenvillecharles.co.uk I'll let you know. Cheers.