Saturday, 15 February 2014

I fitted an old bedside cabinet under the window in the living room today, had to cut it down and do a little bit of modification to make it fit. I'll have to make a new top for it too, but I think it'll make better use of the space beneath the window. It'll look like it's been there for years when I've finished, which is kind of my aim for everything in the place really, except the loo. Nobody wants their loo to look like it's been there for years!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Finished the kitchen wall yesterday. A neighbour was throwing out an old double sink so I've made use of that for the time being, plumbed it in the kitchen so I don't have to keep going round to the garden tap to get water. Because I'd done the plumbing from the hot water boiler to the bathroom it meant I could finally finish the plaster boarding to the side of the bathroom, so I've been doing that today. Just needs tapeing and filling and painting.

 Mum came down yesterday because I had a leak and had to get up on the roof to fix a few tiles, she was worried about me doing it on my own, so came down in the pouring rain.

 Tried the bed in to see how it worked in this space.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

I've been building the final bit of the kitchen wall today, filling in the hole I left to get the wheel barrow through. Plumbed in the ballon yesterday, but haven't actually connected it yet. Think it best to wait till there is no danger of it freezing as the ballon is still outside at the moment. Bought a little walnut cabinet for 8 euro at the charity  shop on Friday too.