Monday, 19 May 2014

Finally finished the steps and the wall, I think, I added a step at the bottom, well obviously it would be hard to add one in the middle. I plastered the sockets in to the walls downstairs too. The pom de terre and onions are coming along great and the seeds I planted in the little greenhouse seem to be doing ok but they might just be grass! I've also planted a Queen of England rose bush right at the bottom of the steps, thought it was quite appropriate, because of the England bit, not the Queen bit. Tomatoes look ok too, and the climbing rose I've put at the front of the house has two rose buds on it. Rosebud!

The bees swarmed in early May so I now have a new hive of bees too.

Had a little work lately so hopefully the next thing will be the roof tiles on the kitchen, I hope so. Need to get it done it's taken far too long.

 This technique for moving large heavy stones with two logs, works very well.

 Mum helping with the potatoes.

 My new hobby, inherited from my Dad.

 There's a little St Theresa in a little cubby by the climbing rose.