Sunday, 30 June 2013

The window fairy came up trumps! So fitted the window in the living room earlier this week, it looks ok, a little bit of the sea shanty look about it, but I like it all the same.
More plastering has bee the order of the day. It makes a big difference where the beams go in to the walls. It looks like they go into the walls of a house rather than a barn.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

This week, I 'ave mostly been diggin'. Dug the cobbles in the living room up, they were no good, very uneven and not at all level. Dug them all out and lowered the whole floor by about a foot, that's a foot length ways not sideways!! Took the kitchen steps out too, I was going to keep then but decided they looked a bugger and they were in the wrong place, too low. I'll have to make some new wooden ones I think. I also took the bottom of the stairs out to dig out the floor, but I've since replaced them.

I took lots of advice on how best to do the floor, and thanks to everyone who offered it. I've opted to beam and board it. Hence all the digging out. Ready for the next stage now, the beams, the floor boards will have to wait until funds become available.

Plastered the bottom of the stair wall today too. Need to get the final downstairs window in, but waiting for the window fairy to come, (you know who you are!)

These used to be my good wedding shoes in a previous life.

Mum visits to see how things are progressing.

The top of the breeze block is where the floor was.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Finished the final cement screed on the kitchen floor today and am now celebrating with some barbequed sardines and some red wine with my folks.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Back at it finally! More work turned up while I was in England so I had to extend my stay. Got back last Thursday. I got a sink waste while in the UK and had it stripped of chrome so it is now back to brass, to match the taps. Found an old second hand cabinet that will do nicely as a wash stand to house the copper sink, plumbed it in temporarily for now.

My Father and I started cementing the kitchen floor on Tuesday. I spent monday getting the levels and placing the rails that will be used to screed it off once the cement is down. Built a portion of the wall up at the end where the door will go too, next to the fig tree.