Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Once again, its been a long time since I posted last. I've done the bathroom, walls and floor. Put up a shed in the corner of the garden, somewhere to store the enormous amount of tools and general crap that have accumulated.
Grew some garlic, should last me all year. Growing patattoes, courgettes, melon, grapes, plumbs, peppers, tomatoes and pumpkin, I'm particularly pleased with the pumpkin, but thats probably because I fertilised it myself! by hand I mean, no stop it! anyone who has grown pumpkins knows what I mean, google it, maybe that's not such I good idea, I won't be responsible for what comes up.
Kitchen is looking good and functioning well.
Enjoying it here very much, still a lot to do.

 This is an old photo I got from a neighbour, the ruin next to my little house still has the roof on it. My place is the little one closest to the bottom of the picture, the ruin is attached to it to the right.

"A Place in the Winter Sun"

 Having a meal with Mum in the garden.

 New friends and neighbours, French and English visiting
 Proud of my pumpkin!

 The photograph in the bathroom is my great grandfather Ebberson, he was a whaler in South Georgia.

 The garlic harvest.
 Oiled and waxed the steps into the living room.

Monday, 21 March 2016

I bought a copper sink off le bon coin and after a lot of cleaning it was ready to fit. Also fitted an induction hob. Phone and internet are also now connected, can't quite believe it when I think what I started with.