Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bought some oak tongue and groove floorboards for the living room. I thought when I got them they would be perhaps 4 different widths and I'd just separate them and it would be fairly simple to lay. But they were all different widths.
I layed them all out, groove down with the tongue in the air on a flat surface and sorted them in descending order, then it was just a question of picking the 2 closest pairs and laying them together, it was slightly more complicated than it would have been had they been the same widths but it looks gorgeous.

Moved a bloody big stone in the ruin too, because once I've cleared the rubble underneath it I'd never be able to get it back up there on my own.
Put a temporary work surface in the kitchen too to house an old sink a neighbour kindly gave me.

 This is how long it took

Monday, 29 June 2015

Since I last posted I have tiled the kitchen floor and crashed the truck, the kitchen floor looks great, the truck is dead. I'm very pleased with the kitchen tiles and not at all pleased with the mental woman who drove in to me on a tiny lane at a ridiculous speed. Going to look at a replacement pick up tomorrow.

I made a stone window sill in the living room with some fossils. Levelled the kitchen floor with a self levelling gloop, works very well. Then tiled it with Villroy and Boch tiles bought from le bon coin. Hexagonal honeycomb tiles, very pleased with the way they've turned out.

Prior to tiling the kitchen I tiled the fire hearth, to get a better idea how the tiles would go down. Tricky little buggers to lay, because if you go out by even a nats at the beginning you could be miles out at the end over 20 m2. Also bought a wood burning stove for the kitchen too.

Looking for a fitted kitchen, and some wood flooring for the living room now.