Monday, 17 November 2014

This is my first post for months now, progress has been very slow on the house, mainly because I've been working Travis Bickle hours lately so only have one day a week to work at the wee maison.

Still, nearing the finish line now, soon it'll just be decoration that is needed rather than construction.
Had some work insulating a loft a little while ago and they were throwing the old insulation out so they let me have it.

I have insulated and plasterboarded the kitchen and put the wiring in for the sockets and switches, I still need to wire the lights. but it's starting to look ok. I wasn't really sure how the little window would work and the pierre apparent (visible stone work) around the door, but I'm quite pleased with the way it looks.

Fitted a trap door with stairs for access to the loft space above the kitchen too.

I also bought some Vilroy & Boch tiles for the kitchen floor, off le bon coin of course, got a great bargain on these as they're normally pretty pricey a square metre. I'm going to put some self levelling compound down first as I think it'll make life easier when it comes to laying these.

Hopefully it won't be so long till my next post, but as I say, progress is slow.