Sunday, 8 June 2014

I found some tiles on leboncoin (a sort of french ebay) that I collected in the truck, about an hours drive away, fairly hairy ride back with a full load.
So made some progress with the kitchen roof.  I've felted the roof and started with the lats, had a velux window donated from some French friends that I've fitted. So another 3-4 days of latting and I'll be ready to lay the tiles. Mum won't let me work on the roof without her being there so she comes down and sits in the garden while I work, she helps a little bit too.

 The sign above was given to me by Tracy, a woman from Leeds who owns one of the seven properties in la Borie, she had taken it off my ruin about 10 years ago.

 Me ole mum and one of me ole Dads still life's.

 The kitchen roof in the truck.

 mum in my 'at

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