Thursday, 12 September 2013

Yesterday I cemented an area in the corner of the living room, creating a concrete plinth at floor level, this will later be raised to about 6 inch above the floor level to stand the wood burner on.

I also found another window in the bottom corner of the ruin after clearing some stones away, So I'll break through the wall and put another small window in the living room, it'll be right in the corner by the wood burner, so as well as being a much needed light source it'll be handy for passing the logs through!

Today I have continued with the plastering in the living room. I'd also planted some tomato cuttings my Dad had given me early in September that seem to be doing ok, but they might not have time to ripen now.

I almost forgot, yesterday as well as being 9/11 anniversary was the anniversary of my first blog post here! So I've been at it for a year now, amazing how quickly it's gone.

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