Thursday, 9 May 2013

I got back from work in the UK mid April, since then I've been busy working on my sisters place, insulating the roof and plaster boarding all over again, took the best part of a week.

The last 2 weeks I've been back at it on my own house, the shower is fitted and all the drains in place in the bathroom. Dug the trench for the drain to the fosse septic tank, very fortunate to have a wonderful neighbour who is allowing me to connect to his fosse for a period.

Bought an old French bed at a vide grenier (car boot sale) that I have now converted to a banister at the top of the stairs, lovely walnut wood. Also bought a hot water ballon off le bon coin for a bargain price, so not only will I be able to have a shower, I'll be able to have a hot one! once my dad does the electrics for the ballon, oh and we fit it of course.

Will try and complete the drains tomorrow before I have to go back to UK for another weeks work on Saturday, already looking forward to getting back here and continuing the work.

 Above is my mum at 76, demolishing the fireplace in my sisters place.

 Me and the old folks at Debs, my sisters place.

 Doing it all again at Debs.

 The walnut bed, now my stair bannister

 My dad at 75, digging the trench for the drains.

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