Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My father and I burnt all the vegetation I'd hacked down last week, just before the rains came. You can see the house from the road now.

I also removed all the oak beams that had been stored in the little house. Had some difficulty with the larger ones on my own, (no help today) I had to devise a little rolling rig type thing to get them out the rear window. 

Electricity finally arrived at la Borie on Thursday. I just have to attach an earth and then I can put the kettle on! Had to go back to the UK for a bit of photography work though, I'll be back at la Borie to start work at the beginning of October.

On the Saturday before I left for the UK I bought an old Peugoet 504 pick up truck,  I'll collect it on Tuesday/Wednesday when I get back. It looks like something out of 'Life on Mars', should come in handy for work on the house though.

I also removed the wooden cladding that had been on the stairs. It's starting to look better already. Outside and in. Now the electricity is on I should really be able to get stuck in. 

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